2019  “Treasures and traditions”

Exhibition of art works from members of Bellerive Arts Centre

 at Rosny Schoolhouse       March 8th - 24th,  2019

Opening at 5.30pm at the Schoolhouse, Thursday March 7.

This exhibition was most successful and favourably commented on by the many people who visited.  Nine of our exhibitors sold some of their pieces - they were Pat Booth, Tina Burman, Annabel Carle, Vicki Chapmen, Joan Marr, Karen McCrone, Robyn Bevin, Pam Poulson and Roslyn Taylor. Congratulations to them.

Meet the artist at 12.30pm on Thursday 18 April.

There will be a light sandwich lunch

Mahdi will visit each of the daily groups from 10.00am to 1 pm between 29 April and 3 May



Every group showed great excitement in participating in Mahdi’s sessions. Many members came more than once.  Mahdi’s connection and enthusiasm made it such a success that later in the year there will be a presentation of all our finished works.


CANCER COUNCIL         Fundraiser: Biggest morning tea

On Thursday 23rd May, at 10.30 a.m.

Theme:   “Make your mask”

ON FRIDAY 21st June at 12.30 pm

mid-year lunch